Core Group Roles

BathLETS Core Group
The Core Group are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Between them they cover the following list of tasks. Individuals may cover more than one function, but if their workload become too onerous, they may subdivide their roles and co-opt new core-group members or ask for help from members, whilst keeping an overview.
Co-ordinator: compiles agenda for and chairs meetings, co-ordinates Events and Projects, compiles annual report, liaises with national body.
Secretary: minutes meetings and makes them available to members.
Membership: receives applications by phone or email, makes contact by phone, arranges initial meeting if needed.
Oliver Accountant: receives stering cheques, sets up new accounts, administers online accounts for members not yet online, takes monthly oliver fees Kate
Treasurer: banks cheques, pays out expenses against claims, keep record of income and expenditure, sets and monitors sterling budget, does end of year accounts. Alison
Directory Editor/ Administrator: receives enquiries and messages from members and refers them on as appropriate, edits directory, compiles newsletters, backs up database, provides technical support and training. Brendan
Broker: helps members to trade, organises buddies where needed, attempts to resolve difficulties and disputes in the first instance, monitors them and seeks help if needed.
Outreach: links with local representatives and other organisations, co-ordinates publicity efforts in all media.
Project Managers provide leadership for particular projects, manage project accounts, write progress reports.
Local Representatives are multi-taskers who can answer local enquiries, outreach in their neighbourhoods, run social events, and enrol new members. Their work is supported by the core functions as above. Currently we are looking to recruit local organisers in all areas.
Core Group members have the authority to carry out the tasks in their job description between meetings. If they come across matters requiring a joint policy decision they will place them on the agenda for the next Core Group meeting, which will be held on a regular basis depending on the volume of business. Special core group meetings or general meetings may be held if needed. Dates of all meetings are made known to members in advance. Please consult the Tutorial below before contacting us, and we will update it in response to FAQs.
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