History of Bath LETS

Bath LETS was founded in 1991, and has waxed and waned over the years. A long-term Core Group kept the system going even when many of the original members either drifted away, or felt that they did not need a formal scheme in order to maintain the friendships they had made through it.

In spring 2008 a group came together who called themselves LETS Work Together, and decided to revive the scheme, with the help of LETSlink UK. This has meant reviewing the methods by which the scheme is run, and importantly going online, so that members can do their own transactions promptly, and keep all information up to date.

It is hoped that in these times of economic crisis, the group can work together with the Transition Town project, and begin to make a major contribution towards helping people to develop a greener lifestyle as well as building a more vibrant community.

How do I join?

Bath LETS www.bathlets.org.uk • 07966 216891
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