How do I join?

Everyone who approaches with goodwill is welcome.
There are five main steps:

1. Explore the site to get a feel for what the scheme is about. Do take time to read the Constitution, and especially the Rules carefully. They form a legally binding agreement. This is vital, because LETS is more than a social club - it means making a commitment to others to act with responsibility and reciprocity.

2. Please fill in our Joining Form, either online or on paper. This enables you sign up to the Rules, and convey key information about yourself as well as providing contact details. Once she has received your application, the membership secretary, will get in touch.

3. Do attend a social event - dates are advertised here. Use these as an opportunity to meet other members, learn more about the scheme, ask questions, and pay the joining fee, currently 10/5 concs - which can otherwise be sent by post. If you have real difficulty with this please let us know, as we do not exclude people on purely financial grounds.

4. Once you have signed up, either at the social, or by email, you will receive an account number and password (which can be changed to a more memorable one) - please ask for help with this if you need it. Once logged in, you can see more information than before. Click the "Update Listings" tab, and insert at least two items in the Directory, an Offer and a Want. If in doubt, think about what you love doing, not just what you do to earn money, and look at what other members are asking for.

5. Please be active, and open to learn new ways of doing things. If you need help, please ask. If you can help in any way with running the scheme or giving us feedback, or if you need help with managing your account. please contact the most appropriate member of the Core Group, failing which, send a message from here. And most importantly, have fun!

Check out the Constitution