Wanted Listings


Guide to events/breaks for visualiy impaired and support Experienced Guide/companion Happy to share expenses in education/summer schools walking holidays etc.


accommodation Accommodation - I enjoy spending some time in other areas to visit Events-Museums Galleries etc Also House/flat sitting - small pets/farm animals
nice spot to camp (tent)

Administration for Bath LETS

Accounts and Bookkeeping I run an African charity and really need someone to help with getting the accounts system and books uptodate. This can obviously be done from home, or you may do it at my house if you wish as I have several computers. I need someone experienced with this realm, and who can also respect the charity's confidentiality.

Arts & Crafts

art and craft materials
life size manikin i am looking for a life size manikin to create costumes and clothes. . . cheers
Sewing techniques
Wood Any wood for making my son wooden toys (neg. olivers)

Business & Administration

Office space use of computer and internet
to learn business skills

Children & Childcare

Buggy Carriage Buggy Carriage to loan the odd days to take my son (9 Months) on the back of bike. (neg. olivers)


Convert Videos and Mini DV Cassettes to DVD: Assorted video tapes and camcorder mini-DV tapes to record onto DVDs.
PC Wnidows Cleaning We have a windows PC which is going very slowly especially on start-up and would appreciate someone coming around and having a look and cleaning it if poss, thanks, (negotiable olivers)
web design

Counselling & Therapy

alternative therapies massage
Massage / reflexology
Theraputic/health & beauty


car repairs
diy I am looking for someone to change a dripping tap (standard rate olivers)
diy I would like to trade my skills for carpentry and DIY jobs
Help putting pictures up
Home Maintenance


Food growing help / advice
local veg / organic produce
organic fruit and veg
spare veg, eggs, milk Got any spare veg going? Small amounts only needed but pesticide free would be hugely appreciated. Same goes for unprocest milk(cow, goat,sheep) and eggs, no amout is too small even one egg or apple would be hugely appreciated. Can help in garden or offer to juice produce in return. Thanks (as agreed olivers)
Surplus home grown produce


Cutting Hedge
Garden maintenance General garden maintenance - tidying, grass-cutting, hedge-trimming. I have an electric lawn-mower and trimmer.
garden workers
Gardeners Gardeners needed to help take care of community allotments. Share in some crops and plenty of gardening fun to be had.
Gardening Help wanted with my 2 raised beds
Gardening and maintenance support
Gardening Assistance: We are looking for members to join our small, friendly, gardening team, assisting local people with simple gardening jobs. We go out every Tuesday morning and work for about three hours. Supervision, support and tools are provided. Please ring or email us for details.
Gardening help
help wanted
help with gardening I would like help with my garden
Lawn-Mowing / Weeding: Gardener to mow / strim lawn and weed borders in spring summer (mower required, please)


books in french

Health & Personal

Hair cut
hair cuts
Haircut I'd like a nice gents haircut. It wasn't long ago that I last had it cut, but it has since become a little frizzy and so I'd like to have it cut a lot shorter. Also would love to have it dyed with natural dyes that wouldn't be harmful to the scalp/hair. Would pay extra for the dye treatment and the dyes themselves. (10 olivers)
health services acupuncture, homeopathy and massage
massage and holistic therapy
Massage: Looking for an occasional full body massage, please.
organic massage products Made locally
Psycic Medium Wanted I would like a genuine medium to have a session with. I am interested in learning about spirit guides, and also about people who have passed over into spirit. I am less interested in fortune telling.
reflexology teacher Someone who will teach me reflexology. Exchange for reiki treatments and/ or knowledge/ experience with Body Electronics(point holding). (skills exchange olivers)
Yoga Classes


Cleaning my House I really need someone to come and clean my house, preferably every two weeks. It is a three bedroom house in Paulton and takes about four hours to clean. I am not very good at cleaning so would love someone to come over and help me out.
Curtain Lining A competent sewer needed to help us line our curtains.
house maintenance window cleaning
Plumbing, electrical
Taking garden / home rubbish to tip
Use of shower Use of shower, as mine is broken
use of washing machine
Wood, sawing We are looking for a supply of good logs to be burnt in our wood-burning stove, we have a car so can pick up. (tba olivers)

Loan of Goods

Champagne glass hire
Electric Sewing Maching If you have an electric sewing machine that you would be happy to lend me for a week or so please let me know! Thank you :)


Boat parts
CoralQuay Fairtrade Things we use regularly that could be supplied through other Olivers users are: Paper, sign pens, other stationary bits, printing services, painting services, wholesale food suppliers, publicity....

Music & Entertainment

African drumming tuition Learnt some 'intermediate' djembe at Tribe of Doris recently, but would like to learn a lot more, and get into a band also.
guitar and singing lessons Would love to become more confident in guitar playing and singing, want to work myself up to a level where I feel confident performing in public.
Guitar tuition Looking for beginner's guitar tuition, I know some chords and would like to develop further.
vintage clothes Women's clothing, 1920s to 50s


Karen Barnard-Weston I am always looking for people who either have too many eggs, or home made jam. I would also love to have a jam making lesson. (negotiable olivers)
Space to keep chickens We are looking for somewhere in the Lower Weston area to keep a few chickens

Sports & Recreation

horse riding Is there anyone here who could offer me a chanse to have a go on a horse (with guidance) please? Thanks (25 olivers olivers)
Tennis Class / game
tuition wanted In marathon running


Electric Bike / Trike
lifts / transport
Tip runs I need someone with a van who can take some things to the tip. I'm happy to pay the fuel costs. (The going rate plus fuel costs olivers)


dance lessons
dance lessons
Dress making tuition
Hindi tuition Wants: High level Hindi tuition by native Hindi speaker (preferably with experience in teaching Hindi) (hourly rate 20 olivers)